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Information technology is the study or use of any systems relating to the storage, retrieval and transmission of information.

Some devices used for information technology are:

  • A Monitor
  • Keyboard or Mouse
  • Desktop Computer or Server
  • Modem
  • Network Switch
  • Firewall

Securing your computer, laptop, desktop or tablet can be accomplished in many ways. 

  • Strong Passwords
  • Card reader, fingerprint scanner or biometric device
  • Personal Firewall
  • Antivirus Software
  • Working in a secur area

Data management is the process of saving, storing, backing up or archiving any used data in an efficient manner.

Data can be saved and stored in many ways including backup tapes or cassettes, network file servers, external hard drives or even cloud storage services.

  • Save to multiple locations
  • Use offsite or cloud storage services
  • Use battery backup systems
  • Schedule regular antivirus scans
  • Use of Raid or redundant array of independent disks

Information security responsibilities are everyones job. From the receptionist who answers the phones, to the CEO making company wide decisions. 

There is no one person less or greater than the rest. All it takes is one rogue email, embedded with ransomeware to infect and systematically attack every computer connected to a organizations network.

Email is probably one of the most convenient and frequently used tools in information technology. However, caution must be taken when receiving and sending email correspondence.

Always remember to follow safety protocols and best practices as follows:

  • Confirm the email sender address
  • Never open links or attachments from unknown senders
  • Always use virus scanners
  • Always use a network mail scanner
  • Whitelist known domains and senders
  • Blacklist spammers

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